Wasaga Artists does not represent individual artist members. Persons interested in purchasing original art or fine art copies, should contact the artist directly.

The following is a list of member artists. To view samples of their work, click on the name where underlined in red. Please note, this page and site will be updated, as members submit examples of their work on an ongoing basis. Please check back and refresh regularly.


Karin Meilinger *

Linda Prentice

Lynda Dies **

Lori Hyde

Maria Mytkowski

Mary Anne Gough **

Mary Lou Peers

Marilyn Thompson

Nancy Ludlow

Nada Kolozetti

Paula DeHaas

Peggy Beattie

Ron Watson

Russ Blanchard

Ruth Roberts

Kenneth Tyers*

Sheila Clark

Sheila Bannerman

Susan Mogelin

Shandelle McCurdie

Susan Ross

Sharon Mansbridge

Tom Zinn

Trevor Dring

Vallery Mokrytzki *L

Vincent Miller ** L

Eeleen Wang

Yvonne Fletcher **   *

Linda Paupst

Phil Farrow