Snow Fence 16x20 - $350

Waiting for a picnic 12x12 -$150

Rock-a-bye Baby Bird 24x24 $500

Last Dump of Snow

Earlene Martin

 THIRD WHEEL 24x24 $500 donation to HOSPICE

I have finally reached a stage in life where I am able to make time for my lifelong desire to paint and sketch.
Whether it is painting scenery or a portrait, I strive to capture the lighting, mood and emotion of the subject.
I am presently painting with acrylics, but also enjoy watercolour; and have completed several paintings on medium to large sizes of canvas, panels or good quality 300lb paper.

Contact: or 705 888 7697

Sweet Reflections 12x12 -$150 

Nature's Rejuvenation..the River Paddle

         Cathy's Cottage East Coast CANADA - NFS

Watchdog 12x12 - $150

Crosswinds 16x20 - $350

Another Beautiful Day 18x24  -$350

SPRING THAW 12x12 $150

Seagull Curtsy 12x12 - $150